Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

day 116. ellis island and statue of liberty!

this morning we had to had packed everything and ready to go. so we went down and i put my stuff downstairs in the lobby. then me and laura went eating breakfast and had a real foody food. we headed off at nine towards the station where we cold go on a ship to go to ellies island. we went to a security place and then on the boat. it was really crowded. the ellies island was a place where you had to stay when you were a immigrant in the 1815-1950 and wanted to live in america. so we were in this museum and it was reeallly nice .first we watched a movie. i saw it before and the chairs were soo confi that i and almost everybody felt asleep..=P
then we went outside and watched at the museum. me and an other boy went and made the audiotour it was reeeaaally interesting what they were telling us .. i was so facinated that i forgot to eat and i almost missed the ship that way.=P
they were looking after me and i had to hurry up so fast we had to run..xD
then on the ship we went to the statue of liberty. it was really nice like last time she was still standing there. we took a loot of pictures and it was a wonderful day. but also i felt sad bout all those mill. immigrants who had to come over and learn the new language and go through a loot of stuff. then we went to the flag of liberty and i also saw the bike of libery.. it was soo cool everything. sometimes i still can't believe that i'm here in the USA.!
then we took a picture of everybody and then we went on the boat. it was pretty cold to sit outside but i really liked it to be there... so i sat there and enjoyed the view. after we arrived we went to the bus. we headed home. it was such a funny travel. i sat next to bri and we had such a funny time. then after a stop when we all had to go out we, me and bri were messing around and we tried some of the coats on and it was so funny.. when we got again on the bus we watched two movies which were really fun though. with the time i felt asleep too like the others. i couldn't sleep that good, it was sooo unconftable and cold so brrrrr... but better than no sleep. nite

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