Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

day 98. friday

this day was very cool. because i could skip (legally) the half of the day. at lunch time michelle came and picked me up for go home and pack my stuff together for going to roscommon. so vicky came and picked us up at 12.00 and we went, sofia came too, upwards michigan. on the way we went to a mc donalds and ate smth. then we went further. i was very sleepy so fell asleep, like sofia. then we had to go to the high school and vicky has to lead the cheerleading group. it's a really small high school. there was too laura and aisha. after training we went home to vicky. it's in the woods but really nice. the grandchild of them came too she is still a lil girl. cutie. so we watched the most of the time TV. it was really nice. we ate too a hot dog. then we went to bed. their room is quiet small. aisha's and laura...(exchange students from pakistan and spain..) so we shared a bed, each... good night!

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