Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

day 124. lazyyyiness

so this day rite here i woke up at 10. o'clock the first thing was i took a shower. then i ate lunchbreakfast. and watched tv for a while. then my goal of today was to do my homework. so i tried to but there were my best buddies out there rahel and sabrina which i didn't saw for a while so i skyped with them for a long while. then i tried again to do homework but then sarah told me to come down and see the news there was a bombattack against some people in michigan..=S then i went uppstairs to do homework again but then i skyped again with lisa and moma.. (skype is one of the coolest inventions everr!!! when you wanna skype once..-> purple__morning___) then i had to go and eat something.. there was a casserole it was supergood.! then i went uppstairs and made serious homework.. i really finished it. and now i'm sitting here doing nothin..'^^
tomorrow i wanted to do my homework day n°2. and i'll do it..yeeha!!

love you guys(<- even if yu are a quiet folk.'^) and i wont forget you again.(<- not for sure.)

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