Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

day 121. tessa

this day we went an visiting tessa. we went with the motorhome. it was a long travel. we went to the thumb of michigan and all the way down at the boarder of michigan. then we saw a hudge river and greg told me that over this river is Canada. so i was that close to canada yet.=P
the river had a lot of ice on it. they said we will go to canada when we are going to the niagara falls.'^^
then as we got to tessa. i finally saw everymember of the johnson family. she lives in a house with her boyfriend. they have a pretty cool house. they have turtles and a guinipig.'^^also over 2000 dvd's and movies. we watched also one there eating chips to it. then we had to go back and we went the same way back. at home we ate something and then i had to go to bed. i was really sleepy. even there are holidays.=P

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