Montag, 27. Dezember 2010


so tday was christmaas. it was quiet awesoome.. i woke up at eight o'clock and i went downstairs to get open my stocking. there was a shampoo in it and i was soo excitrd whohoo. then we watched james packing off his presents. then he left and we packed out our presents. andrew and zakkila where there too. andr. is the son of michelle and greg. there was too kayden their daughter, she's such a sweetheart. then we packed our presents. i got earrings a neckless a giftcard from abercrombie. then a calender from my best friend rahel. two sweater a sweatshirt a tshirt..pencils. i was sooo happy. then we watched a movie red. then we ate some snack and the whole afternoon was like this.ou shelbys boyfriend was here too he and the others came yesterday in the nite. during the afternoon my other brother came too so the room was really crowded at the end. then i went to the computer on skype and skyped with my family at home. there were everybody there and it was pretty cool speaking with them showing my stuff and they were by my grandmother and sang some songs. but after a while i had to say goodbye and they "had" to open presents..=P
then i went down again and spent some time with the family. then in the nite a lot were leaving. i went to bed too in the nite.

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