Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

day 107. snooow!!!

when  i woke up i had to rub my eyes.. is this real snow like snow snow.. and it was =P
 i was soooo excited that i immediately woke up and dressed up for church. but sarah came into my room and told me there isn't a churchgoing ton8. so i made myself ready to go and shuffeling the driveway. after this we could ate some cinnamonrollz. they were awessome rich.. so after ``breakfast`` me and sarah went out to built a snowman. then james got home from a sleepover and without reason  he grabbed me and pulled me into the snow and snowwashed my face. i was soo cold..brrr... and michele took pictures of it..=P i'll put them on tmorrow.. then i wanteed to wash him back but too late. then i went inside and warmth me up. there was a loot homework to do. so i did this. later i tryied to do revenche to james.. but that was a epic fail..!!=(
but we had a lot of fun that is the main thing or not?=D
then i ate smth and had to work on my stuff.
later on there was such a awesome thing like information thing that we wont have school tmorrow.!!!!! SNOWDAAAY!!! so ariell, her family and me are going tmorrow to snowsnake ski resort to go skiing.'^^ i'm soo excitteeed!!!
so love yu all guys nina

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