Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

day.99 comunity service

this day i had to get up really early we had to be in school at 8 o'clock. so as we arrived there we ate pancake and had some orange juice. then there was a breackfast with santa. there were a looot of kids coming and they could do cool stuff. like taking pictures with santa or making a workshop with him. our job was to work and help the kids to create little santas and christmas trees. so we were there for four hours.. it was nice to work with such cuties but i got realy tired. when we were finished at 12. we took too a picture of santa and us then we went to put the chair of santa home where he can wait again one year. so as we drove there the chair fell of the car. and it was quiet funny cause vicky was: "OOHH MY GOD" and  everybody of us was like,,:"what happened?? is someone hurt.." then vicky went out of the car and ran to the chair. who was laying on the street. lil bit damaged. then  as we put it up again and went to the house we were quiet bit released not to have him more.. then we went home and ate something. after eating we watched a movie. at 4 o 'clock we went to the main street of roscommon and put light at the sidewalks it was reeally cold and i was nearly frozen.. then they put us at a house where it was really warm and we could eat cookies and have hot chocolate. this house ws too a exhibition of canous. it was really nice there. then vicky and duane(her husband) came and picked us up, me sofia and a thailand guy. then we went and watched the lights parade. there was a loot of light and we even saw rendeers it was veeery beautiful. but cold. then we headed to the craft store.. where people exhibit their works.. it was  really nice. luckily it was inside. then we went to the gilmore house of roscommon. it looks like the houses in the old american years. it was really nice made. there was too a old school witch was also like the schools in the back days. so after this we had to go to the people to pick up the lights again. so as we were doing this there was a man which told us there was once a temperature of -50 fahrenheit. outside.. INCREDIBLE... in celsius it would be -45° brrrrrr..
so as we were finished we went home and i ate smth. i went to bed really early...


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