Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

day 111. receip found!!

so i spent the morning with finishing stuff for the next week like doing test and stuff.. so after school i went to family fair and then we looked if we could put the name of michelle on the money order and that she could take the money off it. as the clerk was talking with the manager of this store michelle wanted to take off her lottery ticket and DUH WHAT WAS THERE!! THE RECEIP!! WOOHOOO then i was sooo lucky i went to by snacks for the trip tomorrow. going to new york!!!
so then i went to the swimming and finally evrybody was there and i had a taff practise. then michelle brought someone supercool with her.. she went to the airport to take shelby. one daughter from her.. so we went home and there we had dinner together it was awesome.. she's really nice!! so now i made myself ready for the trip..! and sure listening to JRZ!!=P
wish you a nice night!!!<3<3<3 or better day!

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