Donnerstag, 2. Dezember 2010

day 97. swimming agaain!!

so today was a tired but interesting day.=P
i woke up at 6.40 so a loot to late but i really love to sleep in my bed.'^^ then i hurried up and went out of the house without breackfast.... later on i was soo hungry... then in school it was pretty the same all the time. i was very tired this day. so yes. after school i had to go to alpine club. then michelle picked me up and we went to go and buy for dinner. then greg drove me to swim practise from the dolphins. it was pretty cool cause the training was kinda hard then we had a chocolate party=P where we can learn each other more it was really nice there were too people of the dow team!. then i waited for michelle to picken me up it was really coold outside i was freezing!!
then at home i ate a burger and went up in my room it was a really long and nice but tired day.
wish you all a nice day tomorrow and i'll be away this weekend so have a nice weekend. i'll go to the other exchange students upwards michigan..
have a nice time everybodyyy!!<3 <3 <3

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