Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

114. first day in groups

so we woke up and me and laura went down and ate breakfast. during our eating the other two took a shower. when we got up we did the reversal. as we were ready to go at 8.45 down in the lobby, the most of our trip friends were eating breakfast. so we left the hotel at approx. 9.15 but doesn't matter. then we went in the big city!!! there they let us out by the st. patrick church. we went in there and (that was my first time there) i liked it a loooooot!! it's really different for america. to see a church like this made me a bit homesick. or think about the holidays in italy. i liked it a lot. but as it was sunday and too the fourth advent there was a big thing going on..'^^ we left and our next goal was to visit the rockefeller center the ice skating rink. as we were there and took pictures we went to the central park. our next destination was to go iceskating in the park. so we walked trough the park a bit. then there was this big yellow bird. and we were taking pictures with it. then there was this woman who came to us and told us we had to give a donation. bri and me were like...WHAAT?? we have to pay for taking pictures.later on i realized that it's only a donation..=P then as we came to the rink we went down and went iceskating.. you get there and you have to pay for the shoes and as long as you can skating..($18)
then we skated there for like an hour. there were veery much people there and i was really exciteed. i loved it.'^^ like in the movies.'^^
 then when we went back there were those horse carriages where you could get a ride through the park, but they were like $50.. we went again in the city towards apple store. on the way we went by the ( ) plaza hotel. all the girls from this group went in the hotel and looked for the restroom it was awesome nice in there... when someone wanna be nice to me invite me for dinner in there.. so when we got out we went in the apple store it was really crowded in there but nice. then we went towards the time square. then while we were walking there i saw tiffanys and i really wanted to go there. so i went in there with bri and we went in there and it was reaaalllly supernice. i wanted to see the tiffanyheart so we asked and it was in the third floor.. there were so many people standing by the lift so we went by the stairs. it was really a hard work out going up there. but it was fun.'^^
as we were up there and i saw the heart i felt cool..=P not that but yes it was really nice beeing in and up there.. but we had to go back and look after our group as we were there we only saw the half of it so we asked were the other were and they were nowhere we contact them but they were by the appleshop again. i think they understood smth wrong then we went to the rockefeller center again and said we will meet there. finally we found them again. we went to the timesquare and we went to american eagle. when you buy there something you can get in the down part and take a picture which later on appearce on the really biig screen outside. so we did this and we were veery excited to be on the BIG SCREEN!!! WOOHOO. then we went to eat something in the mcdonalds. after ate something we went to the bus and headed back home.. there in the hotel room me and our group watched a movie. it was a real funny one..=P
then sleeping tiime!bb

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