Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

day 112. journey to NYC

so this morning i woke up and made myself ready for going to new york. at like 8.30 we left our house with michelle and shelby. we drove to clare to a gasstation. there vicky came and pick me up for go to the john's cider mill. in the car there were other exchangestudents from vickys area. and we drove all together to the place. there a other rep. came and picked us up for go to sturgis. but first we made a stop at the house of this women. it was a really nice house. we played Wii all together and waited for other to girls who lived by this women. there was a really cute dog, actually two. but the tall one he was sniffing all the time around you and really energetic.=P it was fun. as we waited we ate something and then when the others came we drove to sturgis. i was really sleepy and slept for three hours. then when we got there we had like other half hour so we were looking at a sketchbookshop and drink something in a nice chocolatebar. then we went to the parking lot where we waited for the bus. it was a loot of fun because there were super people who i didn't saw for a while.. so we had a loot to speak 'bout. i liked it aloot . during the travel we made a few stops...and had such a funny time together..!
so we traveled over night ....

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