Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

day 123. joggin'

yesterday.(sorry that i didn't wrote it yesterday..=S)
so yesterday i woke up at eleven.. i can say sarah woke me up.. there is a rule people who don't wake up after eleven they could be woke up by someone else.. so i woke up as sarah came jumping on me. and taking my blanket away. so i went eating my breakfast. then made myself ready for go running. i went to the tridge and back. it was really freezing and when i got home i had frostbite several places.. brrr.. then i took a hoot shower and went to the warm oven. later on we wanted to go to the movies all together but our movie was sold out so we went home again to see cats and dogs 2... it's a really funny movie..=P
then i skyped with my super druuper sister LISA!<3 and after that i went to bed early. so good nite'^

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