Samstag, 25. Dezember 2010

day 113.NYC...superduper city..!!

so we got to new york, actually a bit outside of the city, at 5 o'clock. tammy said to us we should go sleep and relax a bit then at one o'clock we are going in the city. so it was really cool morning then we slept for five hours and then we went swimming very short then sadly we missed take breackfast. so we went to china town and little italy. it was pretty nice there. then we also went to a chinease restaurant and we had so much fun all the time!!!! so it's gettin' dark and we went back to the bus and made our way to the grand cero.(from the nintheleven) then tammy, the leader, took us with the bus on a sightseeingtour in the night.!
 it was really nice though.. we had a loot of fun. then when we got to the hotel we had to be in bed a 12.00 but first we had group meeting what we r going to do for next day. every group did their self thing. then we  went to bed. i forgot to tell that i'm in a room with two portuguese and one girl from spain. and i was the "chief" from this room. so i had to look that everybody is right on time.. so guud night.'^^

okei these aren't all pictures there will be more coming up..

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