Montag, 27. Dezember 2010

day 115.the empire state building..

this day started actually the same we headed out late. they put us out by the central park this day. we walked trough the park then to the famous library , which i liked a loot..(maybe for those who saw the movie the day after tomorrow.. when they were hiding in a library it was this one.=P) then we went to central station which was too very cool... after this we went to macy's and we could do whatever we want.. it was pretty nice i spent my time with chevin and bre. we went to  a pizzeria and ate something then we did a loot diferent stuff. after a hour we met again. but this time with the whole group. did i told you that there were everywhere awesome shop windows. with super duper kool things in it. at macy's there was a whole story in it.=P
then after meeting we went on the empire state building. as we walked away from the building i was asking bri where are we going.? she was like to the building.. then i was like but it's over there and she was like och i'm so a bad leader .. but she's not..i can tell! then we went to the building and there was a man in a orange coat and he was offering us some cool thing we could stand in line for two hours and pay $37 or going to a sightseeingtour and don't stand in line for $42 then we were like we have to hurry up and so we decided with a worryed mind to get the tour and get up there.. then when we went with him to the place and paid there were others from our group there and we ask them how much they paid.. and they were like $21 for only up.. and we were like WHAAT, DIDN'T SAW THAT ONE COMIN'
then we ask the information and they were like that he totally lied to us and we paid too much. then we could wait for a half hour for getting our money back.. so we went up there for$20 as a sorry from them and we got ice cream.. so when you are in NY ask someone real befor just buy.!'^^
but the sight up there was AWESOOME loved it.'^^

when we got down we went to the bus and i went immediately to bed. i was sooo tired from walking.. nite

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