Donnerstag, 16. Dezember 2010

110. where is the receip!!!

so this day was a crazy day.=P i went to school as usual and there was at the exchange student wall a new familiar face.. me.'^^ so the  school day passed by and i had to go to change the money order which tammy didn't took like that.. so i have to real money again. so we went there and they said i have to show them the receip i was using then. so i went to swimming and thought this i could do later on. so i went to northeast and as i went in there full dressed and there weren't my buddys there was a bunch of middle schooler swimming. so i went to the wrong time..-.- some stuff like this always happens only to me!
then i had to wait like a hour for greg that he picked me up. so at home i ate something and then i went to my room and searched for the receip but it wasn't there so i went down and asked them. then we all searched through the garbagecans and looked there...NOTHING! so i was really worried bout it and went like this to bed..(at all swiss people go and SPEND MONEY FOR JEDE RAPPE ZELLT!!!! or just watch it it's awesome!!got addicted)

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