Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

day 100...straight hair

this day i woke up at 10.30 then i went to the bathroom and wanted to straighten my hair. cause laura had her hair straighten so i thought yes that would be cool.. so i began and was finished at 12.00 i took sooooo long!! so then it was just time to leave. as we left it was little bit snowing. then on the way like in the middle we went to mc donalds and waited there for greg to pick us up. when they came we had like a half hour to get home. chris was there too and he became a cellphone for his birthday.. which was yesterday.. then at midland we put sofia home and i went to my room for doing homework.. till the evening and then we watched a movie->the christmas carol.... i also made some cookies. it was really nice.. then i had to go to bed early. school tmorrow.!

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