Mittwoch, 1. Dezember 2010

day 96. tommys birthdayy!! yay!

so today was toms birthday i saw him badly only a few minutes then i had to go on the bus. it was snooowwinnng outsiiide i was soooo excited!!!but that ment to cold. yes it was freezing! so when i came in school i was very happy to go in a warm place. then i had normally school it was pretty the similar. in third and fourth hour we got a sub. because our normal teacher is in the hospital that means--> uuhuuu.. he got a baby.'^^
so after lunch which was the same i went to art and then lifelong.. there we did a condition parcour.. it was really nice and fun. then i made myself ready to go home. sarah and i we have always a funny time together.. walking home. then as i got home i decided to cook for tom something so michelle drove me to a foodstore... when i got home i made some indienbread with a sauce on it and then a kind of good ciderdrink witch was a "PUNCH". they didn't liked the bred so much but the punch.^^
then we ate some baked spaghetties. and tom became a birthday cake. then i gave him too a letter and a copoun for several things. then we went to the church. we watched a movie. the nativstory or smth. it's a really good made movie. with one of my favorit actresses...-->

Keisha Castle-Hughes

we are going to watch the finish next wednesday. we could eat popcorn and other snacks during the movie it was really cool..
then when we got home i helped sarah for homework then i did mine and took a shower and now i'm lying here... wish you a snowy day tmorrow and <3

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