Dienstag, 30. November 2010

day 95. swim banquet..

so today was a nice day again. like every morning. i went to school---> SHOCKER. really. i didn't know that..'^^
so yes i went to school and i had like every day a lot of fun'^^... it was kinda the same..highlights were that kelly yore fell into old miss brown, a sub.. and she fell into mister stinson. then marissa fell into the trashcan and nathan had dirt on his shoes walked with them everywhere around.'^^
but the awesomest thing was the swim banquet....<3
but before when i got home we had to drop of chris at the army thing, we went to a food store, then we went to the postoffice.'^^ by the time they recognize me..=P
so then i put on a nice dress and we went to the banquet. it was sooooooooo nice to see all the swimmers again. i was really happy. we could eat and drink. then after this we took a lot of picture with each other.. there were too the parents coming. then we sat down and garry had again one of his speeches. then we became nice words from him everybody their own summary of the season and then we had to go in front of there and we got a certificate and a D letter. then after this all we got some candy from the leaders and a certifcatewhich they invented theirselves. after that we watched pictures. but i had to leave earlier because we didn't knew if chris is at home yet. and so we went home. i was sad that this is over i loved it a lot.. then i watched at the pictures and then i took a shower and now its half past twelve and nina should sleep now.=P

so here are pictures..: from thanksgiving till banquet!

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