Sonntag, 7. November 2010


this day was a really short schoolday. i made up buddybags. and we had to wear the t-shirt we made for the swim meet. then we had school till 11.30 then we had free time. we had to relax for the swimmeet. in this time i made some homework nd relax for abit then we had the meet. there were 8 swimgroups which swim pleasent, bay city western.. and and and.. Then we warmed up. I was so excited i had to swim one more. The 50 free in the madly relay. I didn’t felt so much difference between with armhairs or without..=P
Then we started with a lot of cheer. Midland high they put each other together with heritage out biggest enemy. then the nation sound of US. After we summed to it we started. The whole meet was from 3 to 8 o’clock it was really long and actually it was only the prelims. I swim my best time in 50 free...32.42 i was very excited. Then a lot of our swimmer made it to the finals at saturday. After the meet i went home. Greg came to pick me up. At home i got my stuff ready for camp outlook. 

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