Montag, 29. November 2010

day 94. mondaays!!

so tonight i woke up really early and made me ready for tday. it was really a nice bright night and you could still see the moon. so i went down and really fast breakfast and but some layers on for going outside it was freeziing. i hurried up for heading to the busstop so i got a lil bit warm. then when i got there my mother phoned me and we talked for a bid. sarah wasn't coming today cause my hostparents going away and sarah had to go with them. so i was alone driving in the bus. i listen to some music.Actually i was really sad cause i didn't can go to the international dinner. where all my friends are which i know from the early camp. but sometimes you have to kind of "forget" and enjoy the day. but i'm still kinda like sad..=P
so i started my day with first hour. there we changed seatingplaces. now i'm sitting in the right opposite corner where i was before. we had kinda same class. in history we spoke about the meeting of the central power in versailles, paris.. then in geoscience we did some review quiz. then in math i had to learn about proves. then i had lunch i went in the cafeteria and i took a chickenwrap. i sat by megan and paige. it was really funny though, then i sat too a lil bit by some friends of swimming. tomorrow there will be a banquet from swimming it'll be fun. then i went for brushing my teeth. after that i went to art and went further with that. i had a chocolate bare taken with me and so i gave everybody of my artclass a lil piece of chocolate.'^^
then in sport they changed our locker combination in the varsitylockerroom so i didn't changed clothes. eitherway there wasn't  so much going on this sportclass. we receive grades-->A .. and then we could do wethever we like to do. so i went down in the hall and helped with a game nearly the same as "brennball"
so after 6th hour i worked with my artteacher at my elephant drawing..'^^
so when i was finished a friend of me dropped me off at home and then i stayed there till now. i ate with the boys lasagne and then i read letters which came from very nice peoples.. grandmama and marianne. thanks a loot!! then i did some homework and drawingstuff. then i decided to watch a movie.'^^
under the tuscan sun. it's a very nice one like it. then i took a shower and now i'm lying here....
so good night and looove you all a lot..<3<3<3

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