Samstag, 27. November 2010

day 92. saturdays..

today it was a really loong day.'^^
i stood up at 11.00 and headed down to get my breakfast then i begun with writing christmas things.. it was pretty booring.'^^
then i had to put up all the pictures from chicago..which took really a lot time.. then i went down and ate my lunch.. we could took whatever was in the fridge. then i went up in my room again and did my christmas work again. then sarah came in my room and asked me for help with putting up the lights at the house so we went up the roof and put the stuff up. it was freezing cold up there. i ws really cold..
then when we were finished. i immediately put some more layers on. then i helped james for some mathproblems. after this we ate dinner and then i went outside and watched the lights from our house it was really nice..they were blinking to the rythem of x-mas songs which you can hear..'^^then i went up in my room and did some spagat training..'^^
so here i am .. tired and like to go to bed. pictures of the house are coming tmorrow... sleep good and have a nice sundayy!!
<3<3 lots of looove nina!!!<3<3

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