Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

day 84. chiiicago!!!

then we got up early this morning. and we packed our stuff together and went to take breakfast. it was very good. you could have everything.. i had some cereal and milk. also a orange juice..then we headed to a other exchange students house. there we changed car. and teris mom went home. we left there with a bunch of exchange student and we went to a special parking lot. we went over the border of indiana and we had a looot of speak over our eexpiriences. then there a lot of other exchange students came to us too. even a swiss man joined. reto. then we went in a mini bus to chicago. on the way we went to a mc donaldto take a lil snak. then we went further and as we saw the skyline of chicago. cameras came out and took a looot of pictures. then we went to a restaurant called ed debevic. this restaurant is famous for its rudeness. the staff there is very unkind to you and also has to be like this. they were saying things to you which weren't "that" nice. but the burgers were good though. then they were also dancing on the counters. it was a lot of fun. then we had to go. we went to the navy pier. it was very funny there. its like a very hudge pier with a ferris wheel and a loot of markets on it. it was reeeally nice and there were a lot of turists. there was too a podium were a specher made up a show. all the exchange students had to go in front and dance to the song YMCA. it was a loooot of fun. then we had individual time too look at the whole navy pier. it was a lot of things going on. there were ben & cherrys and starbugs a lot of suvenir stores. even a cinema and and and. then we went back to the main meeting point and we went to the hotel. we went all in one room. i shared a room with teri, sofia and leo. she is from germany. then we went out. only a several to look for a thater where harry potter comes. when we found one. it was hudge we ordered places and went back to the hotel. there we went all together to the rainforest restaurant an then to the hard rock café. at hard rock we ate our   dinner it was really good. i sat with the onces from china and cause i was the only "other one" reto came too and we had a nice dinner. i took fajitos and shared it with reto. after we were finished we went home. there we could choose stay at home or go out for a walk we had to be at the hotel at 10.00 cause the movie starts at 10.55...
we saw a looot of high buildings it was really nice. then at 10.00 we went all together to the cinema. there we had a great time watching the movie. it was a realy exciting one..loved it`!! the room was really full it was hudge and the volume was also veeery loud. terry felt asleep. i don't know how she could do that. then it was like 2.00 when we got to the hotel. there i went direct to bed.

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