Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

day 75. joggingday

today i woke up at 4.30 the light was on and the laptop was still running. i was about to write my blog to the end and there were a bunch of nnnnnn at the bottom. i was so tired that i fell asleep. i tried to sleep after this and i woke up too late again..=P
then i went to school there i had a normal day. everything was nice. now i know so much people in every corner is a hi taylor, hi morgan, hi's kinda cool..:) then at lunch i went to big apple beagle with a friend. it was very nice. i always enjoy it with them.. to go out eating.'^^ the beagle though was very good. i liked it mucho. then in art i had a lil bit issus to paint but it goes always better. then in lifelong we did workouts with the doumbells. then i went out. at home i did some homework and then went jogging for like 40 min. then i ate smth. after dinner we went to youthgroup it's always a lot of fun with sophia and terry. then i came home and play a lil bit with sarah bs. it's a cardgame about lying. now im sitting here and probably go to bed,it was a  really funny day. mr. chambers he always picking on me and either ways i have a lot of fun.'^^
okei wish you all a very nice evening. sleep good and love you all!!!!<3<3

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