Samstag, 13. November 2010

day 77. MOVIES!!

yesterday was a nice day. in the morning i helped a kid for the german homework and the this day was kind of the same as everyday..'^^ in english we did some thing with the book and then in us history we had  to do a word document about the weapons in WW1. In geoscience we started with a new theme called rocks. then we had to take a test in geometry. in art we did some exercises with watercolor. then in sport we had play day yay!!!
then i wanted to go on the bus but thanks to james i missed it..!! -.-
but his friend he gave me a ride home..then i went for a walk with star. she was sooooo excited'^^
then i took a bath and then right after this ariel came and picked me up!! we had a lot of fun. first we went to the flower store and bought some tulips for her grandmother. then we went to the house for old people. it was awesome in there. it's really nice there. and the grandparents they were so excited.!!'^^
then we went to the mal. we ate there dinner and then we went to the movies with a friend and ariel. it was such a funny movie---> due day!!'^^ then i went to ariels house and i slept by her. we had a lot of fun. we watched: jurrasic park and narnJa 2 but i fell asleep by the second one. <3

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