Montag, 15. November 2010

day 80. stereotyped!

today was a really super day. i got up at 6.30 and had to hurry up for going to school and stuff. then  in school i went to my locker and then to luis and james. they wanted to ask me some german questions.. so.. then in first hour we looked at the movie from the book it was a really nice one. we only looked the first part one two scenes. then i headed to my locker to get my stuff for second hour. then we had the lesson about the soldiers and their weapons in WW1. it was kinda akward. then in third hour we got our brochures back. in we learned bout the rock cyrcle and then in geometry we got too our tests back. i had  a 64/65. at lunch i ate my lunch mit amanda and friends. and as i got in the cafeteria a woman asked me from where i'm coming. and i said from switzerland..why do i have that accent`? and she said no you look european. o.O
then in art i startet to sketch my template. then in sport i forgot my pants and so i jogged in my trousers. we runned and did some streching. then we also did some workout with dumbells. then i got home with the bus and when i got home i ate some cereal and a banana. i was soooo hungry then i was so excited to phone my mama. she just got home from africa and we had a looot stuff to talk bout. then it was nice to learn an eat dinner and then i went too fencing. it was very nice and funny. i was soo sweating and out of shape it was kind of embarrassing. i also did some foil. it wsa funny to fence with tom. then we went home and i ate a honeybred and then took a shower and i'm here now...'^^
okey wish yu all a nice tuesday.yay
love u all!!!

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