Sonntag, 28. November 2010

day 93. sunday..

so here i am again. woke up today at 10.00.. greg came and woke me up. he said in about 30 min we would leave for church so i hurried up and made me ready for church. so i ate fast breakfast and brushed me teeth. then we went to church. with the motor home. it was freeezing cold in there so as we came to church. everybody hurried up to go in the warm church. it was really warm in there so i got a drink and a cookie then went inside and took a seat. as the service was over. pastor dave spoke about a christmas adventure and what we should take with us. after church greg dropped me off by the mal. i had to buy some stuff for doing the christmas presents.. then i went to by myself to the petsmart. it was soooo cute. as i got there they put in the cute puppies and you could stroke them and look at them=P
so as i spent like 1 hour in there i phoned greg that he could take me home. but befor he came i asked a specialiest dog trainer what could my grandmother do when her dog always scratches the doors. then she just punched a door..i was like is this all?? yes it is.'^^ i phoned my grandmother and she said she is trying this out.=P
so then when i got home i changed myself for going running. i run for 1 hour and 20 min. it was freeeezzing cold and i forgot my gloves. so i freezed my fingers up..'^^ i went like 6 miles to the tridge and back it was a really nice sunny day though. i saw a looot frontgardens with nice decorations and stuff. it was really nice for me going out for a while.. so when i got home i took a warm hot bath and shower. after i was warmd up i had to finish homework and learned spanish a bit. then my mother called me and asked me if i listening to drs 3. so i said no but i can. and she said there is this worldwide serie on stage right now. so i put on drs 3. my mother had to hang up cause she was driving..then i wrote them a e-mail and it was like this:

 hei there,
e ganz liebe gruess usem recht chalte Michigan..'^^
I liebes amigs Live-radio ischalte und euch zuezlose ish immer awesome.. heit immer topmusic like this one here from england'^^

i'm exchange student from bern. und bi recht jelous that you've got that much snow..-.-
by us there is not even one flake..=P

greetings from here to you and (special one for my mother in her car...=P)
i was so excited when like 5 minutes later the speaker said exactly my message...'^^
i really wanna do this more its awesome, every exchange student who is reading this:

try it. every sunday the last two hours..'^^ in switzerlandtime.=)

 i was like..->uuuuh
then i went down and ate some rösti.
finished with it I put myself up in my kinda cold room and did some christmascards. then i started with my drawing book. so now i'm ready for a new week and hope you too. have a nice monday and enjoy it only 4 weeks left for CHRISTMAS!!!
so love you all!! greetings <3<3 nina

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