Montag, 8. November 2010

DAY. 70 Camp outlook...!!!

This day was so a exciting one. Greg put me at 7.00 at the school so i have enough time to find out where to go fort he picking up for camp outlook. I had to walk for a bit to get there then we got ordered in with who we are going to drive. I went in a ladys car and we drove for 30 min. it was a very nice countryside.. when we got there . the sun rises nearly then we went to our sleepingplaces and it was very nice in there. Outside it was freezing. We wentto the main building. The whole camp place was in the woods. Then weh had a speech from the leaders. Then we went into our groups. Which we were together the whole day and do some activities. Then we went outside.. it was freezing and we started all together with a game called oh deer. Then we went into groups and made different „trust “ activities. We had to do this always as group and so. one for excample was a hudge. Five meters tall stick with a tire at the bottom and weh ad to take the tire away turn and put it new on the stick. It was kinda difficult but we got this. Then at noon we went to take dinner and warm us up. then at the afternoon we went outside again. At this time we were going to do the trustfall and the wall. Trustfall is when you let yourself falling back and then the others of the group catch you with the hands. The wall is 12 feets high like 5 meters and we had to  climb it by ourselves.  It was always a lot of fun. Then we went to the main house and build groups to do discussions. we spoke about different things. it was very nice to express things which you not share with a lot of people. then we ate dinner and we had too setions of those discussions.. then we went back and played card or othergames. at 11.30 we went to bed. i slept very good. here are some pictures.

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