Montag, 8. November 2010

day. 72. biggest christmas mal in the world

yesterday was a eventing day. we went to the earlier service and we had a meal there. like bred and grapejuice. it was really cool. then we went to frankenmuth. a city which looks really like a german town. it was pretty cool. we went to a restaurant which was very noble. it was really good food there. i really enjoyed it. we had chicken dinner. then we went to the world's biggest christmas store. it was AMAZING. it's open the whole year. there you can have everything for christmas. everykind of christmasballs and trees.. everything... it called bronners. it's supercool. then when we got home i finished my painting with the elephants. then i went to bed. it took me soo long to do this. here are pictures from the mall:

(coming tomorrow!)

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