Dienstag, 2. November 2010

day 67. voteday=day off!!

today was vote day in america, michigan so the whole school was closed so we had a day off. but not excactly everybody.. sure the swimteam had practise so i went there at 9 o'clock. it was a very short practise, only a hour. we did some sprints and so.. i was sooo excited, i swam again a record..for me.. for the 25's i have now 14.4 seconds whooohooo..'^^ then michelle picked me up and we went home. there i found out that we are going to saginaw to the shopping mall. it was a reeaallly nice and sunny day. but chilly, actually i wanted to go a little bit outside but we went to the mal. so there i had to buy some little stuff. and the shopping store halloween city had 50% off for all the things who were left. i bought there some presents for someone.=P
then it was lunchtime. we went to mcdonalds were we ate. it was good though. i had a angus wrap&salad.'^^then we went to the mall and there sarah and I walked a bit around and so on. at 15.00 we went home. at 6 o'clock greg drove me to megan barbers house where we had spaghetti dinner of the swimteam. sadly its the last one..=( but we had a loooot of fun.. here are some pictures:

then at 8pm greg came and picked me up and we went home. there i made my homework. after homework was done i went to the bathroom and took a shower. and now i'm sitting here and writing. so good night everybody and have a nice day tomorrow. love nina..

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