Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

day 85. light parade.

this morning i wanted to stand up early at 6 o'clock that i can go and take a swim in the swimming pool. it was pretty dark and silent when i got down there. then like a quarter hour latera man came and asked me how long i was there. then i said since 6.15 and then this man said, that it'll be impossible its  only 5.30.. so i totally forgot that i had to put my clock one hour backward. so i was sitting there and i had 5 hours till we actually met. i was so angry bout me. and then after a while i thought that it's typically nina...=P
then i got out at 6. and took a hot chocolate and went up in my room. the others were still sleeping. then i took a showe and went dressed myself. then i went down to the breakfast room and eat breakfast it was really good. then i draw some buildings from the place i was sitting in my sketchbook. after i was finished i went upstairs in my room and went to sleep for 1 hour. then it was nine o'clock and the others stood up then. so we went everybody downstairs and ate breackfast. the others were sure laughing at me.'^^and this stupid story... so then at ten we all went ready to go outside in the cold windy saturday day and walked to the michigan avenue. it is a street which is one mile long. there are all those cool stores. it's like the shopping street. there were sooo much people walking there. and because it was the light parade not all but a lot of the stores were 40 % off.
it was pretty cool though. we had time from 11.00 till 4pm. it was awesome i went with the girls from my room then we went nearly everywhere. at the end of the street there were the biggest mal i ever saw. it was 7 stores high and really full of everything!! it was HUDGE!!.. i found some stuff.. then at 4 o'clock we all met together and watched the parade. it was really cool. but it was reeeaaalllly freeeezzzing!!!
there was micky mouse and minnie and donald duck and deisy and and and and... it was really cool. also everywhere the light and stuff. so its very interesting. then it was so cold that we went into a store and waiting for the other peoples. unfortunately we passed the firework.=( but when everyone was there all of them wanted to go home in the hotel but i really was interested for going to the 2nd highest tower in chicago. 

Which looks like this->
then i said please someone should come.. it was 15 dollars to get up there so a lil bit expensive.
then when nobody wanted to come so i said i'll pay $5 someone came. it was jose. the others headed home to get a warm coffe. then we went there and i dont know how but we got up there for free. there was a line for stand and we standed there and then the man by the elevater put us in the elevater and we were laughing at each other cause i think we went through the wrong door. so we went up there and it was AMAZIIING!!!
 so much lights i never saw at one time it was really kool. then we took a lot of picture and men put us in a line for going to the bar. there we were standing between 20-30 yrs old nice dressed people... we got a window place and took 2 pepsi. it was really expensiv. though. $11 for 2 drinks..!! so i paid for both as thanks that he was comin' then we went home and to our hotel. from there we went for eat out. we went to a thai restaurant. it was really good.¨! then we had to go home and we stayed at once room and spoke abit. but i was reeaallly tired though. so i went to bed at 10.00..

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