Samstag, 13. November 2010

day 78. city forrest.

this morning i woke up by the laughing of ariel cute brother. then ariell made some eggs and toast and i made my bed. then i went up (we slept in the basement) and helped ariell. the breakfast was really good. then we cleaned up the kitchen. when we were finished we went outside on the trampoline. it was covered up full with leaves. it was a lot of fun, though. she lives excactly in front of a forrest. it's veeery nice there!!
then we went into the city forrest. it's like a normal forrest in sui.there was too a bike trail it was very nice!! but there werent so much so we got a little bit lost. but we found back. it's veeerry nice there and we had a lot of fun. then we went home to ariel again, by her car. (it's really a cool one-> van..'^^) then her sister asked us if we want to have lunch. we went to buffalo wings. it was soooo awesome.. my new favorite fast food store. it's kinda dark and everywhere tv's, all about football.'^^ then we went to the pet mall. it was soo cute. there were so much things all for pets and there were too kittens and dogs. it was so cute. there were too all hamster,mice,birds,fishes and and and. we stayed there for like a hour=P
then we heade home and i really cleaned up my room. it took me like 2 hours. then i ate dinner. after this i took a shower and now i probably go to sleep. so i wish you all a nice evening and sleep well everybuddy!!!
love you all <3 <3 <3 <3

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