Freitag, 26. November 2010

day 91. Black Friday..

so here i am again. the pictures will come tmorrow i have a lil bit issues. ehm so today was black friday. it's everything absolutely cheap like half prize and stuff and there are many many people waiting at 4 o clock in the morning to get stuff very cheap--> -->

so i woke up at 10.00 and got down and ate smth. then i had to clean the bathroom and my room. after this i went down and read for my homework. so i'm done with the homework and ready for the weekend. kathyn was here, chris girlfriend. and she brought up som cheesecake..(it very sweet though, i first didn't knew either that there is a sweet one.) so then i ate one of those and then made me ready for shopping. cause everything was so cheap i was smart and bought all my christmaspresents..'^^
so then greg drove me to the mal and i stayed there for like 4 hours. i was veeerry tired when i went out and james+greg came and pick me up. james drove..'^^
but i saw a loot of things there also santa clause were you can go and make your wishes.'^^
then it was time /at home/ to get some food. so after i had a deliscious turkeysandwich and some sweet patatoes i took a shower and now i'm here writing to you guys. love you a loot . all the best!!! nina!<3<3 good saturdaay!!

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