Montag, 8. November 2010

day.71. dow high vs. fenton!!

saturday was a really nice day beautiful weather but still cold. in the morning we ate ate 8 o'clock and then we went to our groups and spoke again with us over decissions and espectations and stuff. two times. afte this we came all together and we all got a letter of a teacher. i got a really nice one. then we got too a paper were everybody from the group has to write something about you. nice things of course. then we made a hudge circle and there was a hudge cottonball. we did someone has to say something about someone else and give this to this person. at the end there was a hudge spider web. it was a funny experience. then we got a t-shirt. and pack our stuff together and went home. there was rylie. and we had dinner. after dinner i went to the dow-fenton game. it was the last game of dow. cause we lost 24-0. but i had a lot of fun with friends. then i went home and immediately to bed. here are some pictures::

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