Dienstag, 16. November 2010

day 81. going to the musical...

today was a good day. i woke up properly and dressed and eat at the right time. sarah and i got to the bus excactly right. then in school i finished my geoscience homework and went to first hour there we continued looking at the movie. then we had to take a open note quiz. after this we read. then in second hour we had a sub. so we had to do only paperwork. then in 3rd hour we had to write a story about my life as a rock. then we had to do homework. in geometry we continued doing notes. then at lunch i ate with amanda and co. then in art class i continued working at skeches of my template. then at sixth hour we had to do suizides. there were sooooo exhausted every one...puuhhh. then we were allowed to play a game. it was fun. after this class i went home. at home i decided what to buy for the dinner. then i went to eastman and a other mart to get my stuff. at the other store i got to know someone new. it was johan her works there and comes from the domican rebublic. he said he just moved here and yes...'^^ i asked him were the dried mushrooms are and his answer: i don' t know never heard of it. so i made my risotto without it.'^^
then i went home and tried to do my best.. my recipe was risotto à la nanni and chocolate mousse.^^ i had like 2 hours. then we ate. it was really good i have to say.=P
but after doing cooking there were too the cleaning part i had like 3 hours to finish this stuff it was echausting!'^^
then i did my homework and now i'm sitting here and waiting for friday...!!-> chicaggooo!!
yes i'm going tmorrow to a musical i'm vry excited!! <3<3<3<3<3 love you all miss you!

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