Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

day 82....musical night

today was a nice day. it started with hurry up breakfast and then i hurried up for the bus. during walking i talked to my mother and my cousin Lea. then at school i finished my homework and then helped luis to finish up his. then i had classes as normal. we did a lot paper stuff and like that. then in sixth hour we were doing some condition practise and sprints. and then we played some basketball. it was pretty nice. after school we went home.. hunter a friend of sarah wanted always so bad that i'm living by hima nd it was kinda funny sarah and him always discussing over this.. hehe.. so then i we went home and i asked if sarah and i could go to the musical. greg said he had to think over it.. then i went up and did my homework and read for a while.. then i felt asleep.. after half a hour tom woke me up and told me to eat dinner. there was some potatoes. then i went up and went sleeping again a whole hour. then we went to youth group we were a bit late. there was a woman talking bout her project in haiti. it was veery interesting how she is doing over there and what dramatical things happen there. after her speech we prayed for all her things she is doing was very nice. then  after we got home. we went to the musical. its name was clue. it was like the boardgame clue and it was soooo funny..  we also had to bet who could be the murder of the play and so on. i also saw carolyn and others from swimming..( was really fan of it. then we got home sarah and i made me ready for tmorrow for the trip...we are leavin at 4 o'clock so right after school we will sleep at a hotel in coldwater.. then we meet at friday at 10.00..
it'll be fun. but i can't write i'll do this at sunday .PROMIS! so wish you a nice evening and love you all have too a nice weekend!!!! all the best!!<3<3<3<3<3

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