Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Sunday in chicago!!

today i woke up at seven and went down for taking a swim. jose and dimitri were there too it was really cool though. cause nobody is there and its warm andand and ....
then we went up and i took a shower then pack all my stuff together and got dressed. then i went down to eat breakfast. then we had to be out at then. we put all stuff in the car and drove to the milenium park and the art mueseum. so we had time till four o'clock and we took a lot of pictures from the big bean. (you will see in the picture.) then we went in the artmuseum. it was really cool i loved it a loot i went on my own so i saw a lot of things. sometimes i think its better to go on your own.. so you can see what you wanna see and there aren't conflicts. but the bad thing was i totally forgot to eat smth. so when the others got back everybody were goood feeded except nina..zzz..shame on you...`!!aber zmuseum ish sehsehr interessant gsi. i ha fasch immr hüenerhut becho when i entered a room with soo nice paintings and sculpters. there were too hudge sculpters of buddah. then we met at four o clock and went with the car to the parking lot. it was very sad though. we had to say goodbye to the most of them. then we packed our stuff in an other car and went to the house where michelle, greg, sarah and tom picked teri, sofia and me up to go home. but we had to wait a bit at the house from dimitri. they had soo cute kittens and nice dogs. it was very nice. then they came and we headed home.. we ate at mcdonalds and then we went more home. during driving we watched the grimlins. it's really a horror movie for kids it's horrible!!!! =S i would scream the whole time!!
then when we got home i was soo tired that i fell asleep immediately.'^

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