Donnerstag, 11. November 2010

day 76.veteran day!

dear people who are reading this.
today i woke up like everymorning too late.. cause it's so confi in my bed i stay there for like a half a hour longer. so i stood up and make me ready steady to go to school. we had to hurry up cause i stood up too late..then at school i had to finish my homework. I forgot it at school. in english we started to read a new book the second of a boy called it. then in second hour we went into the library. today was the united states veteran day. so there were veterans from the wars coming and speaking bout the war and their times in military. and there were many people coming to this thing every hour new classes. it was really interesting and you even could ask them questions. i asked them if they saw also stuff when they were in other countrys. then in third hour we did more stuff for the minerals. then in math i got tests back ....25/25 and 35/35.. i don't know but maybe i'll change class..=S
then i had lunch. i ate by amanda and their friends. after lunch in art i finished the watercolor thing. then in sport we had a sub.. she was sooooo strict we had to do suicides.. those are: we had to run from baseline to quarterline then back to baseline and then to middleline back to baseline and so on. and this sooo many times. then we could play a game. but not everybody helped so we had to run again...=( then i had a alpine club meet. we talked bout going to the first meet. then i did the rest of my homework. when i was finished i texted michelle if she can come and pick me up. i waited 30min..=D during waiting i spoke with luis and jacob. it was nice to have a lil change during waiting.'^^
then when i got home i wrote my sporthomework and then skyped a bit with lisa and samira.. it was lot of fun then there was dinner. after dinner chris and i had to do dishes after dishes i looked at "bones" a very nice tv soap. then i had to do my geoscience project. i'm soooo tired right now..-.- brrrr..
okei good night everybody love you all!!!<3<3<3

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