Donnerstag, 25. November 2010


today morning i slept really loong till like 9.30 it was a little bit too long..'^^
so sarah came and wake me up by knocking on the door. then i went down eating breakfast. it was really good. like bred and egg. then i went up and skyped with my family it was really crappy though cause all the people are now in the internet and want to do stuff there. so we also phoned. today was my sisters birthday so i actually had too'^^
 then chris came and said it was time for lunch and it ws sooo good.!!! pictures will come tmorrow. there was frosted salad. with cherrys and marchmellows and cream. then there were green beans and gravy and turkey of course. and and and.. it was reeeallly good though. maybe i had too much though. but it was super good. then after eating james wanted to teach me some ninja moves.. i hurt myself a lot so i prefer more doing the dishes.'^^but it was really funny though.'^^
sarah was very kind and helped me a loot. then at the afternoon i started to write on my bloggs. like you cna see they aren't that good i'm sooryy bout that.. so then at four o clock we started to play killing bunnies and its such a good game.. it's really funny though like it a lot. its not like agressive or smth but its reallly funny..'^^ it took us like 5 hours.. we were playing till nine o'clock. it ws a looong time and as we  finished nobody won the game.. then i went upstairs and go further with writing blog..'^^
tmorrow... friday i'll put on the pictures of chicago and thanksgivin'
so love you all have a nice friday looooove you guys!!! and lisa sweet 16.!


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