Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

day 68. first armshaving in my LIFE!!

today was a really nice day. i'm soo excited for tomorrow so i got up very early but stoood in bed for longer. so i had to hurry up to eat smth and then go to the bus stop. it was reeally cold and a clear night. i was real excited I saw a falling star..!! whoohoo. then in the bus the busdriver had rock music on and it was real fun though. then in school we had like a normal day. in history i found out that mr. chambers voted for me at the camp outlook thing..'^^and by the way.. the camp is at friday...
then in art i became my drawing back and i had for the too first drawings a A and the other which i wasn't finished a D but i can remake it... when i'm finished i'll do a picture of it. so then in sport we had something for our condition. actually i wasn't supposed to run cause tmorrow but i didn't remembered it ..=S in swimming we had a easy training we did some warm up training and i found out that i'm swimming the madly relay also.. then i waited for a half an hour outside for greg when he came he said there was smth he has to do with the light in the church. then i said i'll do the dinner--> spaghetti and tomatoesauce in my way and it was soo good except the sauce from the can wasn't that good next time i'll will take an other one. and i had to go by bycicle to buy this stuff. then i did my homework and other stuff i also skyped with family at home..then i took a shower and then i remebered what garry said. that we had to shave our legs, arms and backs. i did only the arm and legs..=P
it's a bit strange but very smooth and fine..'^^
 so now good night and sleep well and GO DOW!!!!!¨
love yu!

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