Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

day 83. going to coldwater.

okei this morning i woke up veeeeerry excited! i had to go to school as normal and i had a very nice school day. then after 6th hour  i had to go to a meet from the alpin club. then i waited for greg one hour then he got me from the school and i had to make me ready very fast for sofias fam. taking me up from home. then we left at 4.30 for going to coldwater. it got very fast dark and we drove and drove. then we made a lil stop for getting some snacks and restroom. then we headed further. after 2 hours we got there. then we went in hour hotel room and made us ready to go to tacobell. we walked there it was not that far away. then we ate there smth. after we were finished we went to the hotel back there. there was too a hudge group of volleyball players and we had a loot of fun together. we also decided to go to the pool and there we were relaxing a bit. i mean a loot. it was very funny though. there was also a hot tub and we were really lucky that we were alone. then at ten we went up in our rooms,took a shower and went to bed. sophia had to do homework but so the others terri her mother and i slept earlier and then sophia went later on also to sleep.

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