Dienstag, 14. September 2010

Day 17. the MILE!

today i woke up at 6.15 and i staid in bed and listen to drs 3. it was lunchtime and they played the büro game.. so i had to hurry up and go eat breakfast. today i ate mini cookies and then i had to go to school michele gave me a card which came in at saturday. it was a card from mama and karen they were in italy.. thank you both..<3 then we went by bus to school it was really freezing. in the first lesson we had a quiz about plot. i made 14 points from 16..  i was really confused because i didn't understood the words .so.=S then we began to read a story.. in second lesson we had about the industry and inventions. in science we had the nearly the same as yesterday-> seafloor spreading and that stuff.. at the beginning of the our we had always the news of the school which comes out of the boxes.'^^and then mr tyson read a story: "the last lecture." or smth like this.. and then we had geometry also a quiz.. in lunch i ate with few girls from the swimteam. and after lunch i had art and we worked at 2D drawings.. we had to draw with cole and chalk.
then we i had to go run for a mile. my time was 7.17 a mile is like 1,6 km. i was really dead after this and i had to go swimming(the water was freeezzing!!brrrrr..) so i was sooooooo tired when greg picked me up. while we drove home i went to a library to buy me a dict. german-english.
when we got home i went for a walk with star dear.. she's so sweet. i think it's fall now. '^^
now i'm sitting here and i have to go to take a shower and eat smth and go to bed probably.

love yu all very much!!

tmorrow is picture day so--> SMILE! <3

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