Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

Day 33. teamdinner!!

today i stood up veery early. my ring rang at 4.15. I decided to go to morningpractise. Greg drove me to school i wasn't that tired. the training was actually easy. it started at 5 o'clock and there were mostly all girls. I felt very fresh as i took a shower and went in my clothes. ou yes.. they told me i had magic hands. i pushed a button for the showers and it supposed to not work one side of the showers but i only pushed the button and it worked. (later I destroyed it. again. sory=P) there were too a very good  breakfast offered from a mother of the swimers. it was wonderful good.'^^ there were sausages, cheesebacon, beagles with supergood creams, fruits and and. then we said what we are wearing for dresscode tmorrow. (tomorrow is tri-cities.. ) when i went to school i was soooooooo tired my legs very heavy as iron... then in geoscience i nearly fell asleep it was very unconfortable.. -.- but i stayed awake and was looking foreward to go to bed. the rest was like every day. got a geometry test back-> 22.5/25..
in sport we were doing a weighttraining. then i wondered if i should go to afternoonpractise because i was so exhausted and a lot girls don't wanted to go.. but i stayed and went to training. it wasn't that hard but the swimming hall was soooo frreeezing cold.brrr nearly frozed.'^^ and my legs werent in shape. tired and heavy. after practise i went with ariels mother to emilys home and the swimteam had dinner. there were spaghetties (you can order these hudge boxes--> partyservice) and there were too salad, and cookies. it was perfect nice and good. Ariels mom put me home. she is soo nice like her. she, and ariel offered me to go to a hockey match once and for dinner and stuff. at home i had to hurry up because we went to the youth group. there we first played a game and them we spoke about the stress we now had and stuff. it was nice. when we got home i finished my homework and now i write my bloggyblog. hope you are all fine. because i'll go now in dreamland.. love you all.. nina

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