Freitag, 3. September 2010

DAY 6. MArshmellowS! was marshmellowday! i got up at 8.oo and so my mother phoned me exactly at this time and we were spoking a bit. but then i had to get up and eat something because i wont be late for training. and while i was eating chris came very still and stood behind me and said "hi nina" and i was so shocked that i had to hit him in the face but very calm..((it wasn't that hard..'^^)) then i got upstairs and begin to write something. later Greg brought me in swimtraining and what i didn't knew was that we had 3HOURS training.! so after training i was soo tired that i got into bed and sleep for 2hours..'^^I have to tell you that I know now what the popularst word is in USA: "" I listen once when the girls were speaking at the pool and it was like this: so I was like.. and then he was like and i was like like you know like this and then he was so on.'^^after my nap i went down and sahra nd I looked "17 again" (with zac..cutie..'^^) then we ate supper. Sahra cooked some meat and there was salad and potatoes. later we got out and make marshmellows ( i don't remember exactly the name of the this we done but its awesome!!!)there some picture: Then we got inside the house and Sarah and I watched a movie called Pride it was a nice movie till the end because this end got no reason its a bad was like we watched the movie for nothing but of curse there was a cutie too..-->Bryan greenberg..<3<3<3 so now i'm lying in bed and wish you all nice night or day'^^
all the best nina.

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