Samstag, 18. September 2010

day21.joggin with brothers..

today was a little bit lazy day. i woke up at 7.50 and at 8.00 we, chris,james and i went running. so I hurried up and ate something. we went for a mile. we speeded realy up and when we got home the boys wanted to go in so i made an other mile on my own. a bit slower..'^^ then the guys were taking a shower and i went with star for a third one but only walk. and as i went upstairs to pick up my pullover i couldn't believe it . star stood in the door. she went up the stairs. UNBELIVEBel. '^^ star and i had a really good started too rain but for us its like a cold cafee'^^   then i had to clean up my room and to vaquum a bit. then i had to hurry up because i had training. we did sprints flipturns and stars. at the end we did 200 yards and i made my new best time.. 3min.9s. uuuu (thats not fast but i'm lucky..'^^) when i got home we ate somthing and then the whole fam. looked a movie with animals in the forest and there is man who wanted to make a new home or something . it was very funny. then i went in my room for do skype a bit with lisa and parents. actually i wanted to do my homework but as it comes the time runs veeery fast . so i had to go for dinner. there was rice and fresh vegetables from the farmers market. after this i showed michelle pictures from switzerland& co. i showed her too a movie trailer from despicable me-->
so i'm sitting now here and i didn't know if i should go to bed.(what i really prefere) or finish my homework..hmm..
ou yes we couldn't go to kokomos because it was bad weather..-.- next weekend.
so see you guys and all the best for tomorrow xxx

p.s.: hey nicole thanks for beeing on of my n°1 fans.. ;D shure mama and lisa and all the others too thanks..'^^

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