Montag, 13. September 2010

DAY 16. mondayymonday!

heii there.. hope everyone is fine! i'm very fine..=) but i have a lil cold from the weekend.
but the weekend was awesome. as you know i was at the exchange student camp. it called the kimball YMCA.'^^ so michelle and me drive to sophia, the exchange student from sweden and we all three went to   reading. we had 4 hours so at 5.00 o'clock we got there. when we had to pay the camp ($50) we became a t-shirt. it's pretty a cool one..;) and as i stood there i saw a really familar face..=) it was reto bezzola from the camp in zürich so a swissboy..'^^
and few minutes later there was Corinna Althaus, swissgirl from the camp in NYC. I was so happy/facilated too see them. then we went in our accommondations, there where we gonna sleep. i had to sleep up in a kajütenbett..'^^ then we went up in the main room and we had to make our group flag. there were music and students from all around the world. we played taplesoccer and you also could sing karaoke..'^^ then we ate smth and then there was a bonfire and a leader told a horrorstory.. then when everybody was scared we went to bed. it was a bit cold and in the morning it wasen't that nice weather.. then we had breakfast and after this we went for activities there was a giant slipline (maybe you remember the thing where you can sit on and you ride on a Eisenseil... and you go from the one side to the this only 12 meter in the air..)and a wallrock (12 m) it was raining on and off.  michele was on the top of the rock and she had to take pictures..when we got home she had a terrible sore because she had to climb the letter for 8 times..=) then we ate lunch inside and we had to wait for half an hour then we can make the rest of the activities. sadlly we couldn't go to cannoing (Kanu fahren).  then we went to the giant swing this was real fun we were taken 12 meters in the air and then you have to free yourselve and then you swing through the air it was so cool!!'^^ then we went inside and ate something because it was cold and rainy then we made some games.. like a theatre. we became 5 items and we had to make a story out of it. our group became a banana instand food.. and a plastic knive a pen and a straw..and a restroom pass.. so our story was like this: i was the teacher of the class and we had history better we had the 2nd world war and i explained them that this was the food which was eaten at this time. so the childs had to ask me some questions about that.. and then a girl wanted to go to the restroom and i gave her the pass. a while later a boy, chevin asked if it taste good and so one.. he has to go too in the restroom and i let him then he went into the girls toilet and struggeled the girl with a plastic bag. he made the line where he wanted to cut her off. so then he cuted the arm off and took the straw and sucked her blood but then he took the banana food and put this on and this tasted better...;) FInISH.. then we had to make a cheer to. our group took the sound of YMCA and we made new lyrics. then we played a game that the leaders had play liersclub. three of the leaders had to go in front and explain a item and what that is for. two of them had to lie and one was right. our thing was to say which one was right. it was quiet funny and then we watched a movie called mallcop. it's a really funny movie.'^^
then we all went to bed and. i slept very good.. althought i couldn't move any inch..'^^ i sanked so in my matratze..'^^
at the morning we went for breackfast and then a few went play soccer. we made switzerland against the others but we were a bit little  so we took china and mexico to us..'^^  we lost. but the best thing was that we had fun and it was really nice weather so it was hot too.'^^ then the bell rang that we have to go into the main room there we had to go take picture of the whole group. then after smile and smile we went to our local reps. to talk about the rules of the year and so.. michele is or rep. so we were only two. sophia and me. the city of coldwater and near of the city they had many of students like 27..o.O
then we had to eat smth and it was time to say goodbye. corinna and i went quickly  down to the lake..(there was a really beautiful lake 10 meters away..'^^) and took pictures. so we had to go. we became a paper where all the events are which we could make for trips and that stuff. so i'd like to go to cedar point which all my swiss and germany and mex. friends.. but the homecoming dance is exactly on the same date as this trip. now please help me. what i should do????!!!!!
for driving home we had like 5 hours but in between we went to uncle johns farm. it was really cool because they have really good stuff. and it smells soooo good. they main product is apple cider. it's apple only squeezed and yes thats it. then we went into the shop and you can make there everything you can go in a plane and there were music and and and....they were preparing things for halloween and stuff. we then we went home. before that we got home we went to a chinese food store and we ate really good dinner.'^^ then we went home and i had to do homework. i had to go to bed early because i was sooo tired. this morning i got up and then my mother telephones me and we spoke for a half our. i realized fast that i had to hurry up so it was a lil messy morning..'^^ then in school i had my first presentation and i realized that i forgot a sentence (we had to do a poem of ourselve.. and i forgot the sentence what i tomorrow there will be a quiz about plot..wish me luck! then we had US history about industrialisation and in science we had seafloorspreading what i had before but i can't remember..=S
then we had geometry and we had to learn for the quiz tmorrow.. =S HELP
so after this lesson i had lunch there was pizza nd ARIZONA ICE TEA RASPBERRY. my new favorite.'^^ so then i had to go in art then sports.. we did 40 m sprints and then push-ups for 1 min. ->52.. then i had to go in swimmng it was really hard.. sprints and aftr swimming we had to go in the gymnastic room. phuu..tmorrow we are going to run a mile it will be fun.'^^ greg took me home i took a shower and eat dinner. so after this  i had to learn for the quizes and then, righter now i'm writing my thing here..=)

okey love you guys see yu. night! <3<3<3

p.s: my grandparents and lisa are going to have a doggiedog!!! chevalier king charles spaniel..!!!! sooooo sweeeeeeett!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!O.O

pictures on facebook or i'll put some up in the days..

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