Montag, 27. September 2010

day 30. fencing!

Today was a tired but cool day. I wanted to stand up at 5.30 but i fell asleep again and slept for an hour, so long that greg had to wake me up. Then i went down breakfast+go to school by bus. Then had school as always. In english i became my grade= A
Then in scince we had to hand in the projects. I knew i did something wrong.. so it wasen’t that good. There were some who did it awesome..for example cakes or really nice ideas. In swimming we did a hard sprint drill. And for dinner there was swiss food it was really nice.and guud. Then i went with tom to the fencing club it was very nice. I could fence too. It was wondrful to have a epée in the hand once again. ;P
Tom began fencing so we could practise at home. I learned a much peoples. After fencing we went home and i looked a bit dancing with the stars. I had to go to bed and now i’m riding here and so one i have too to say goodbye. Love youuuuu <3<3<3

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