Donnerstag, 2. September 2010

DAY 5. Competitions are niice!

hei there, today was a eexhausting day. I got up at 8.30 and got some food. breakfast. then i had to write a little bit in my diary (i'm late for 3 days.=( ) then Tom and I watched a soap about salt. It was interesting..'^^ so the time runned out so fast it was 10.00 and i had to go for practice.  first we took Sahra from her school and then we got to Dow High. when i got in the pool ariel (the girl i told about ) said that today was a "mini meet".. it's like a little competition. first i was so scared because i hate cometitions and so it started... first we had to do a lil' warm up and then we split the club in two teams. first we had to do 50m sprints freestyle. (crowling..) then 100m backstroke (rückenschwimmen), 100m breaststroke, 100m crowling, 100m butterfly. at the end they asumed all together and sadly the other group won.. But it wasen't a competition for me like in SUI. It was only great. everyboy suported each other doesn't matter how fast or slow you were every body screamed like "go..go.. you can do it.." nd at the end they were like "good job.." It was very nice but i got soo exhausted that i went sleeping for the whole afternoon. Ariel said that there will be the same thing as noon at the evening so i was wondering if i should go.. so i asked my father (sui) and he said i should and it doesn't matter how slow you are only the going counts so i went but not with much pleasure..'^^ and it wasn't soo bad strict but nice.on our lane, lane 6 where the a bit slower ones swim..were only 2 people so it was I also learned how to do the flipturn. so then when i got out of the locker(i had to go from a dif. side because garry locked the main exit) i saw the basketballer practising, and they very very tall.. and good. i don't know exactly if i should take basketball after the swimming.. so i'll see.. those sports are actually every season changing... after that we went home and eat dinner. there were some hamburgers with barbeceau chicken and salad and chips..yes and for desert i ate some schokolade..'^^swiss onces..
then sahra and i watched the movie "raise your voice" it was a nice one..
so i'm sitting here on my bed and say yu guys up there good night. ca

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