Dienstag, 7. September 2010


okei today was a fancy day..'^^ i got up at 6'00 and i put my clothes on and went down for get my breackfast. then james,chris and i had to go to the bus station. we had about 10 min. and like this we have to walk the whole year. then the yellow bus came and picked us up. IT WAS SO COOL..=P so when we got in the high school we had 40 min left. so chris went to his friends and james and i went to our lockers. when i was by mine i tried to open it. but i really can get it..!!!!! every time i tried it-> locked.
so i asked my neighbour and she got it in 10 sec..-.- mean. so when i putted my stuff in there james and i went to our rooms. luckily we had them right next to each other.1rst les. english literatur. we got a agenda and the teacher said were we had to seat. and he told us a lot of rules and stuff. at all gym. thun schadau. this teacher looks like the music teacher..;) so then i had to go to us history. i can told you i saw never such a big mess like on the way to an other classroom. it was hudge there are soo much people..! so us history was nearly the same. there is a really nice teacher. he said we could make him as friends on FB. but naturally a teacher account. not his privat one and then he said he isn't interest at our profiles..'^^ later he said it would be nice to bring a watch t-shirt from suisse.. he is such a fan of suisse watches. and so..'^^
later i had geo and then geometry there were the same teacher. so with that i had the second lunch. i went in the cafeteria and get a pizza and salad, some fruits who were awful.. and the best from the bests ARIZONA ICE TEA.peach flavor..<3. luckily there were a guy from the history class so i could sit by him and his friends. the taught me a game, so whenever you see a yellow car you can punch the purson who sits next to you. funny thing. they were really nice..'^^ i went with them to their meeting point.'^^ so after this i had art. the teacher, she was really talketive..'^^ and so the last class i had sport but today was only the info day so we hadn't to put on some sportstuff. after info we have to go down and choose a locker i picked No. 488. then i had to be ready for sport and i had to go to my locker and take out my stuff. but as in the morning i couldn't open it!!!!HELP!!!!! so i waited till my partner came and open it..=) then i went swimming. all the girls were talking about her day and blablalba...'^^it was funny to listen to theyr subjects'^^ the training wasn't that hard but hard too..'^^it was all about sprints. while swimming i destroyed my swimcap..-.- and we will get a t-shirt for thursday.. meeting.. and i think we could have the  t.shirt whole the year.'^^ when it was finished i went outside to greg and sahra. but we have to wait for james who had a soccertraining. then at home i had a lil' talk with my lovers at home home.. mummy nd daddy..=) and then we had noodles with tomateo sauce. after this i had to give papers for sign by hostparents.
after that michele and i went shopping for school and for us.. i found out that here they use another format. so as we went home by the mustang.=P it was very windy.. greg had to go for emergency because a tree came on the electrisity strom dingsda..did yu know that there are malls who are open EVERY day and the WHOLE day?? okey i had to put the things on the right place for tomorrow and yes i'm very tired so good night and see yuuu..<3<3<3<3 xxx

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