Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Day 28.aqua zumba

hello, I was too tired to do the post yesterday. sory..

so yesterday was a funny day. I wanted to wake up early but i forgot to put on the bell so i woke up at 9.45 and at 10.00 i had  swimtraining. so i hurried up for gettin breakfast and then michele drove me to dow high. Our training began a bit different there was a woman who danced outside and we did the same in the water.we danded to samba and chachacha music it was a lot of fun!! ->
then we had normal training. after training we had lunch then tom,sarah,michelle and I went to the mall. tom needed clothes and shoes and sarah and I we went eyeshopping a bit. when we got home i had to do the bathroom and swipe the frontdoor. i had to hurry up because we went to kokomos after that.. It was very cool..!! there was a laserfightroom, a goocardbahn..'^^and a lil rollercoaster and a room full of games.  ->

It was really cool.after we got home i went in my room and i had a funny talk over skype with rahel!
so i wish you a nice sunday!!

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