Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

Day26.race in bay city!

hi friends. i was soooo tired today morning and i'm tired too now so sorry it'll be a short one. went out of bed-get food-telephoned with lovegrandparents-was funny- schoolbus-1rst lesson- was bit boring- us history-nice- immigration- teacher was kinda sick he wont come tmorrow- science- learning for test tmorrow-got grade->A- geometry- got grade A- learned bisection in a angle- lunch time- had a saladwrap-art- worked on the drawing- lifelongfitness- a llooot of running stuff- swimm practise- flipturns and starts- went on bus for meet- got potatoe and a drink- there we had to warm up and then we went in locker and paige and the others had their was fun. we were like the most meets a lot more girls than the others. then we sang a lot of cheers and we too have to say the ryme of the USA. i have to do the start from the madly relay. backstroke- it was horrible i can't do the backstroke. then sprint free 50. sorry last time i really overdued!! my best time was 34. sorry i changed it. but now i was a second faster so 33. and i was first of my heat.'^^ then 100 free.. too my new best time..1:16.. so excited! there was too a diver. she was pretty good. then i had to swim 50 free in a relay. i was too bad. one of my glasses went off and i had really problem after it. i swam too very bad. then finish for me. the girls were like everytime AWESOME! like them,love them.. then warm down. change clothes. home. we became a sandwich from subway. and a foodbag. at dow high there was a firework it ws very nice. mishelle came and picked me up . then took a shower and homework!!
now in bed and listening to some creepy noise outside..'^^
loove you and tmorrow it'll be more informative.! wish you a niiiice friday.! and hy lily!!


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